what makes natural rubber soles better?

Soles are typically the heaviest part of a shoe, and also the part that abrades most during wear, so we worked hard to find a sole that had a lower impact on the Earth.

Our soles are made from natural rubber harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree which sequesters carbon as it grows. Natural rubber is an amazing material -  tough enough to be used for aircraft tyres yet soft and flexible enough to support the natural movement of the foot.

The shedding of micro plastics from synthetic soles - the most common type used these days - is the seventh biggest cause of this global issue. By using 86% natural rubber, we significantly reduce the impact from our soles. 

It's important to recognise that every material has its own impact though. For natural rubber we needed to weigh up its complicated start to its production - the growth phase. As well as recognising that land is taken up to grow the rubber tree, it's important to consider it's often a more favourable alternative to the likely alternative - palm oil plantations which have a much more devastating impact on the environment. 

To understand more about the subject, please check out our report from Biodiversify.

So there is a lot going on beneath your feet, and a lot of work went into finding the best solution we could.

Knowing your shoes have a lower impact should make every step feel that bit more comfortable.