creating a fairer price, for producers, customers and the planet

how shoes are costed?

Firstly, there is the 'cost price' - this is what the brand pays to get the shoes made and delivered to their warehouse and includes : materials, packaging, factory costs, taxes, duties and delivery.

Most brands typically then multiply this by 4-6 times to decide the final retail price that the customer pays...

the norm

if the cost price was £20, the retail price would typically be approximately £100

So why do brands need such a high mark-up?

- Covering the cost of mark-downs (nowadays there are almost constant sales - black friday etc - these losses are pre-built into the retail price)

- Staff, overheads and business operations

- Product development

- Marketing

Thus isn't to say these factors are 'bad', it's just the reality, but then there is a compromise to make : either reduce costs by using inferior materials or labour, or sell at a higher price... essentially handing the true cost to the planet or customer...

We tried to find another way...

we work differently; instead of a 5x mark up, ours is 2.2x

we believe in a fairer price : for the producers, for the customer and for the planet

- pre-order model to judge demand (so we don't need to factor in future mark-downs)

- no middle men - our shoes go direct from us to you

- low overheads

- our focus on the planet over profit

our price, explained...