pinatex uppers

The Pinatex material has a unique and very natural appearance that will develop over time and will benefit from some care.

If dirty, your shoe can be cleaned with a damp cloth or one soaked in warm soapy water. A light rinsing can be suitable if your shoe is particularly dirty, but avoid submerging it. Always dry your shoes at room temperature to avoid damage.

We highly recommend treating your shoes with a natural colourless wax or dubbin to protect and enhance the material, this can also be re-applied after cleaning once the shoe is completely dry.  We like this dubbin in particular.  Apply a small amount to a dry, soft cloth and rub sparingly in a circular motion until fully absorbed. Do not use too much as it may not fully absorb. Leave your shoes to dry for 24 hours and then buff the wax with a soft cloth or brush.


natural rubber soles

To maintain the colour of the soles we suggest regularly cleaning them with warm soapy water.