the next step in climate-conscious footwear

unisex plant-based shoes independently scientifically verified for their impact on biodiversity and the climate

why we exist

- 24 billion pairs of shoes are made per year

- footwear is responsible for 1.4% of greenhouse gas emissions

- meat and leather production has a huge planetary impact

- almost all shoes contain plastics, many hidden

- synthetic sole wear is 7th biggest cause of micro-plastics

Our aim is to create plant-based solutions to create footwear that has a lower impact on the planet. By sharing the independent scientific analysis of our materials, we're on a mission to inspire change in the footwear industry.

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independently scientifically reviewed

Every material in every component of our shoes has been independently reviewed by Biodiversify, a conservation consultancy which advises companies who want to act better for nature.

Biodiversify were asked to impartially evaluate our shoes within the realms of expert, scientific knowledge.

All knowledge and data was sourced from peer reviewed scientific literature to give an objective evaluation of the sustainability of the shoes at hand.

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