with every aspect considered and one tonne of carbon offset for each pair sold, we aim to go beyond net zero to create real change

creating better shoes for a bigger problem

The fashion industry is one of the leading contributors to climate change due to over-consumption of inadequately designed and manufactured products.

With 24 billion pairs of shoes being produced per year, change is needed urgently. 

aspect climate projects was created because we believe that by considering every aspect of footwear and business we can do better for our planet.

real action : why we don’t believe zero is enough

We didn’t create aspect merely to cover our own tracks. Our goal is to create meaningful change through better design, better production methods and real climate action.

Every aspect of our footwear has been considered for the good of the planet and the footprint of our shoes is massively reduced by creating them from plant-based materials.

Plants absorb carbon while they grow. In stark contrast, materials more commonly used in footwear construction like leather and plastics, emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases during their production.

one pair : one tonne

The average pair of shoes creates 10-30kg carbon dioxide to produce. Through our commitment to be more climate-friendly, we aim to fall way below this average.

In addition to this, for every pair we sell we will also remove one tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere.  By doing this we move beyond net zero emissions.

We support a variety of carbon-offsetting projects including tree planting, renewable energy production and the prevention of deforestation, all of which are Gold Standard rated to verify and certify the impact created.

The average carbon footprint is 4.8 tonnes per person, per year. Therefore, together, we can tread more carefully on this planet and start to make real change.

the lungs of the earth

Climate change is a man-made crisis and one that we as a species have a responsibility to fix.

Luckily for us, Earth provided us with the means to halt global warming if we start to work with, rather than against it. The power of plants, and especially trees, to pull carbon from the atmosphere was at the forefront of every decision we made and provided both opportunity and inspiration.

Materials like Pinatex from pineapple leaves are provided from a circular system of renewable harvesting, while the cork, coconut and rubber materials we use are harvested from trees which naturally absorb significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.

By using plant-based materials, we add value to farming communities and help to sustain these decarbonising economies.

Creating more greenhouse gases than all human transport combined, the meat and leather industry is a leading cause of climate change

It is also responsible for large amounts of deforestation which not only releases huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, but it also removes the Earths natural ability to reabsorb it through photosynthesis.

To repair the climate, large areas of land need to be returned to carbon absorbing plants and trees.

With this in mind, all of our shoes are 100% vegan, showing that there is a plant-based future for footwear.

To save space and weight in transit, we developed boxes that we received flat packed and then can send out without the need for extra shipping boxes.

We also exclusively use carbon neutral delivery services.