what is Pinatex?

When developing our shoes we researched and tested a lot materials for our uppers. 

In fact at one stage we considered launching with two versions in different materials but that was until we reminded ourselves why we started the brand; to create the best possible shoes for the climate. 
And that’s why we have launched using Pinatex for the uppers of our shoes. 

what is Pinatex?
Pinatex is an innovative material created using 72% up-cycled pineapple leaf fibres. 


Whilst other synthetics try to replicate leather (and therefore use more plastics to achieve the look), Pinatex is its own material with a distinctive look that develops with wear.

Founded by Dr. Carmen Hijosa the material is an inspiration to us. It’s from carbon-sequestering plants, and being up-cycled from food waste, it means that no extra land, water of fertiliser is needed to grow it. 
Because the pineapple leaf fibres have found a new home in the Pinatex material, they avoid being burnt or discarded which would release carbon back into the atmosphere. 
And to top things off, by adding value to this material, it creates extra income to the farming communities growing the pineapples.  It’s a win all round!