what makes a sustainably designed shoe?

When we look at our shoes, we look at the Earth.
We designed our shoes so that when you look at them you feel better about how you’re stepping on the Earth.

Here we share some of the things we’ve done to create a more sustainable footwear brand.

Climate-conscious design
Our philosophy puts planetary-wellbeing at the heart of the design process.

This means we act responsibly with the Earth’s resources. Creating products that look good and last. 

Every aspect considered
There are 54 individual components in our shoes. Every. Single. One. has been scientifically verified for its impact on the climate and biodiversity. Making them the most responsibly designed shoes on the market.
Vegan, plant-based sustainable materials
We use plant-based, carbon-absorbing materials. Utilising incredible properties in nature that are strong, durable, and easily replenished. Creating shoes that are better for the earth and better for your feet.

We prioritise materials harvested from trees (such as cork, coconut and rubber) as they stay in the ground and continue sequestering CO2.

And where possible, we use waste materials from food production (such as pineapple leaf fibres and coconut husks), to further reduce our impact. 
Crafted in Portugal
Creating our shoes meant challenging conventional manufacturing processes. It was a team effort, with hours of support from Pedro the factory owner and Cristina who heads up product development at our factory in Portugal. 

By crafting our shoes in Portugal, we're able to minimise the distance many of our materials need to travel from their suppliers, further reducing our carbon footprint. 

Certified by science
Conservation consultancy, Biodiversify, evaluated the impact of every material in our shoes on the climate and biodiversity. 

Concluding that we are, “the gold-standard in sustainable shoe design.”

All of this expert, scientific knowledge is shared on our website. 
Our shoes have a low environmental footprint. We use materials that absorb carbon as they grow and share profits with carbon-offsetting schemes, not to cover our tracks, but to be involved in meaningful change.
We design using plant-based materials that have a better impact on the climate due to their ability to sequester carbon. 


For every pair of our Suber style we sell, we will offset one tonne of carbon from the atmosphere. 

Our aim is to move beyond net zero and create real change.