scientifically verified shoes - the gold standard in sustainable shoe design

When starting aspect climate projects, the aim was to create a shoe which had the least negative impacts on the planet and the most positive ones.
It took years of experience, research, and product development to reach a finished shoe we were ready to share with the world.
But we didn’t want to reduce the complexity of the project by simply labelling it ‘sustainable’.
The world faces complex, but fascinating challenges. To understand the impact of our shoes, we worked with conservation consultancy Biodiversify to assess the impact every (yes, every) material we use has on the climate and Biodiversity.


Verified by science
Shoes are complex. A pair of our shoes includes 54 individual parts.
And each part may include several materials.
Because it needs to perform. The materials we use need to make the shoe soft and comfortable enough to be worn all day, but durable enough to last.
To understand the impact our shoes have on the planet, we calculated the % of each material, then had this assessed within the realms of expert, scientific knowledge.
And to add context, Biodiversify also conducted a ‘baseline’ study on an industry standard shoe for comparison.
We’re proud of their conclusions!
Respecting the challenges
aspect climate projects wasn’t created to sell more shoes, it was created to sell better shoes – ones that balance environmental impact with performance.
But beyond that, our ambition is to expand awareness of the challenges faced and the impact design decisions have on the planet.
Because of this, we have shared the full report on our here.
We want you to know what’s in your shoes and how that impacts the world you are wearing them in.
We need to keep questioning. Knowledge is power.