introducing the Suber - designed to be the world's most sustainable shoe

We launched aspect climate projects with one shoe, in one set of materials. 


Because this allowed us to focus on creating the most climate-conscious shoe possible, balancing performance and the planet. 

Suber launched four colours. It's tough to pick a favourite. Which would you choose?

Suber in ecru is a minimalist's dream.

With a matching natural rubber sole and organic cotton lace, it's a pared back choice which will go with anything.



Antique Gold
This is a true stand out colour, and one that has been getting a lot of appreciation on Instagram. 

It's a gold, but not as you know it. The rich colours and signature Pinatex texture gives it depth which contrasts beautifully with the marine stripe and ecru laces. 



Versatile, and just a beautiful colour. The moment we saw the marine colour we knew it had to be in the range. 

It's another of those 'goes with anything' colours, but equally stands out all by itself. 



Another one for the minimalist and another versatile, timeless classic.

Works equally well with a monochrome outfit as does styled with colours.



Suber was originally launched on 31st January 2022, if you're interested in picking up a pair, please click here or contact us at