Our vision is to create the best possible shoes for the climate.

Using scientific rigour and creativity in design we design in a new way to bring you shoes that have a positive impact on your feet and on our world.

We've met some amazing people and discovered the true complexity behind the supply chains of all the materials that we use. We also discovered how big the opportunity was to not only create a better shoe, but also create a better kind of shoe company, one that truly respects the challenges the planet faces.

With every aspect considered and, independently, scientifically reviewed, aspect climate projects is the next step in climate conscious footwear.

founder's story

I was lucky to grow up around conservation with my family managing a local nature reserve and I spent a lot of time in nature. The complexity of nature and its ability to inspire and restore us was ever present in my childhood.

My other passion was design. My dad was an architect and I was always encouraged to pursue creative projects, so becoming a shoe designer felt natural to me. Finding the balance between the right materials, design and craftsmanship has always fascinated me.

During my 15 years working in footwear I've always tried to make the best shoes possible. However, working in the shoe industry, I always felt there was the chance to do things better. That’s why I decided to create aspect climate projects, as a way to combine my passions for the environment and design, and to look to make meaningful change within the industry

aspect climate projects required a reset, a reexamination of how everything was done. And how it could be improved. The process was challenging and there were many opportunities to take easier routes, but by following a vision to do things better my eyes were truly opened to the complexity of the supply chains, the trade-offs in material selections and the global implications of components that often only weighed a matter of grams.

The brand will always be a work in progress - it should be - but I’m proud of the shoe we’ve created and even more proud to share the backstory and things we’ve learnt along the way. I hope it’ll help people understand the impact of their shoes on the planet and feel positive about the changes we can make.


The time has come to not only design better, but also talk more responsibly about the impacts of products on the planet. These challenges are complex, but fascinating, let’s celebrate them and do things better.

our philosophy

With climate change being the biggest challenge facing the world, we need better materials, better design, and better business models.

We believe in designing within the limits of what the planet can sustainably produce, and as shoes are what we know best, we started by tackling these complex items.

We use scientific rigour in design. Our core principle is to consider every aspect of the design and supply chain to create real change. We use cutting edge materials and work in partnership with a Gold Standard climate offsetting company to ensure that every shoe has as positive impact on the world as possible.

Because we respect the planet and our customers, we have every material independently scientifically reviewed. We believe there is beauty in the truth.

Our aim is to empower people to feel aware and proud of their impact on the climate.

our principles

every aspect considered : we don’t just consider the materials which are visible, we look at every aspect of the shoes including every internal component

independently scientifically verified : every material we use is independently scientifically verified for its impact on the climate and biodiversity - read report

responsible sustainability : being “sustainable” shouldn’t be about only focussing on the positives to sell more product, we believe it’s about having a responsible discussion based on science, respecting people and the planet

transparency and reason : without context, transparency alone isn’t enough, we believe in explaining our processes and decisions to show things can be done better, creating meaningful transparency

climate positive : we use materials that absorb carbon, we also share profits with gold standard carbon offsetting schemes, not to cover our tracks, but to be involved in meaningful change

Our shoes are handcrafted by Tofel, a small manufacturer based in Felgueiras, Portugal.

Being located in the centre of Portuguese shoe manufacture, and with all of our materials and components being processed in Europe, our factory is well located to minimise the pre-production transport distance and reduce the carbon footprint of our shoes.

This is particularly important for our heaviest components, our soles, which are produced only around 70km away.

The Tofel factory was founded in 1933 and is a third generation shoe maker with a focus on quality over mass production. With this level of craftsmanship, and with a drive to work with more sustainable materials and business models, they are the perfect for our brand philosophy.

They are REACH compliant and have been audited by SMETA and BSCI.

Currently they employ around 60 members of staff.