why “aspect climate projects”

We chose the name aspect climate projects as it reflected our vision, from the smallest details up to our biggest aims. It reminds us that to make a difference we need to focus on every element of our shoes and business whilst alway considering the reasons behind everything we do.

 design inspiration

When creating aspect climate projects, we wanted to design our first shoe to be versatile and easily wearable yet striking and distinctive. We wanted to celebrate the amazing materials and incredible craftsmanship we used.

The design of the shoe is loosely inspired by the lacing method found on bowling shoes with the facings running to the toe. This gives a sporty yet refined silhouette.

The signature stripe detail is our way of making our shoes stand out without the need for bold logos.

 working with nature

Designing shoes with natural materials meant thinking creatively and many rounds of experiments, but the benefits are truly apparent when you hold or wear the shoes.

The natural softness of genuine rubber soles which flex like extensions of your feet and the tactile feel of the cork footbed are examples of how working with nature not only benefits the planet but also helps create better products.